Hand Cream with Omaga 3-6-9 – Lemon 250ml




Hand Cream Lemon Omega 3:6:9

Keep your skin hydrated and healthy all day with our skin nourishing Hand Cream Lemon Omega 3:6:9!

Omega fatty acids are crucial to maintaining beautifully healthy and moisturized skin throughout the day. So we’ve infused a premium blend of Omega 3:6:9 into our Hand Cream Lemon so your skin stays radiant for up to 24 hours strong.

Whether you suffer from dry, flaky, or sensitive skin, this hand cream will definitely have your skin happy and healthy with no cracks showing up again!

Made with premium rich fatty acids
Fragrant scent of zesty Lemon
A great solution for those suffering from intensely dry skin
Leaves your skin fully moisturized for up to 24 hours