Foot Cream – Neem Oil Care – 250ml




Beautix Moisturizing & Protective Neem Oil Foot Cream

Hydrate your skin with our deeply nourishing Beautix Moisturizing & Protective Neem Oil Foot Cream!

If you suffer from dry heels, soles, or skin on your feet then this solution is a must-have. We have sourced premium grown Neem Oil, known for its incredible skin benefits, to provide you a cream that completely hydrates the driest skin out there.

Apply a light amount and your skin will absorb all the nutrients within our Foot Cream quickly making your skin instantly feel more relaxed, soft, and smooth!

Made with premium quality organic ingredients
Contains potent dosages of rich Neem Oil
Great for hydrating dry, brittle, sensitive skin
Can be applied on your legs and feet
Size: 250ml